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  • Product name: DY-O1 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer
  • Product number: 02235
  • Weight: 0.00g
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  • 1Product Overview

    The DY-O series zirconia oxygen analyzer consists of a converter and a detector. On the zirconia concentration battery which is the core component of the detector,uses nm materials and advanced production processes, ddditive for inhibiting electrode aging is also used on the electrode coating, which made the accuracy and service life of the zirconia  measuring probe are greatly improved. The detector adopts the in-line probe structure, which does not need a sampling system, and can timely reflect the combustion condition in the boiler. If used in conjunction with the automatic control device, the combustion condition can be effectively controlled. The converter adopts intelligent design of single-chip microcomputer and English character liquid crystal display, which makes data display and function control more humanized; it can be connected with various types of DCS data access devices

    2Technical Specifications

    Measure range  0.0125.00%O2(range can be set between 5.00%-25.00%)

     Signal output 4 20mA  Load Resistance≤500Ω isolation

     Repeatability   ±0.5% of full scale

    Basic error ≤±1%full scale

    stability   ≤±1%Instrument continuous verification 4h

    Response time When the standard gas is introduced from the detector inlet, it reaches 90% response within 5 seconds

    Ambient temperature Detector -1080   converter 040

    Power and power consumption: 220±10% VAC for power supply and up to 150W

    Sample gas temperature ≤700°C (consented at 700°C or above)     Sample gas pressure range±10KPa

    Detector Probe length  0.4m;0.8m;1.0m;1.2m;(Other lengths can be customized according to user requirements

    3,Boundary Dimension


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