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  • Product name: DY-Q3 Infrared Gas Analyzer for SO2, NO, NO2, CO2, CO, NH3 and CH4
  • Product number: c0008
  • Weight: 0.00g
  • Unit of measurement:
  • Views : 89
  • Available option Range

    trace oxygen analyzer: 0-500(1000/2000/5000)ppm

    constant oxygen analyzer: 0-2(10/20/50/100)%


         DY-Q3 non-depersive infrared gas analyzer is composed of Long-life infrared sources, hypersensitive infrared detector of integration filter sensor, hypersensitive preamplifier circuit, coating air vessels that were easy to disassemble and data acquisition system,is capable of simultaneously measuring the concentrations of SO2,NOx,CO2,CO,NH3 and CH4.

     Specially designed narrow bandpass filter is used for cross-interference spectrum filtering of other gas components in the background group.
      ■ Gold-plate electrical modulated infrared light source gas chamber, without affecting optical intensity signal acquisition, to improve resistance of the instrument to industrial corrosive gas environment and service life.
      ■ Low power consumption embedded system (ARM9-based multi-function embedded system design) is used in instrument circuits to improve the instrument quality on data acquisition and transmission precision (including curve calibration).
      ■ User-friendly display interface and a brand new five-point calibration system guarantee high-precision analysis and monitoring of the analysis instrument in different ranges of concentration

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