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Inheriting silk road spirit, share development opportunities

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China and Malaysia “One Belt, One Road” Shaanxi Trade Expo 2018 is held in Kuala Lumpur on November 30, the exhibition sets Shaanxi specialty product exhibition area, Shaanxi key laboratory and science and technology industry exhibition area, Shaanxi cultural exhibition area, etc.


President of Shaanxi Provincial Trade Promotion Association Xuehua, Deputy Director of the General Office of the Shaanxi Provincial Government Zhang yongquan, Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department Libin and Leaders of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia and etc. are attending the conference.

Xi’an Dingyan Technology Co., LTD takes part in the event as a key gas analysis technology enterprise, whose purpose of the trip is to find the right distribution partners.

Dingyan Tech. has been specializing in the gas analysis industrial for 13 years. We manufacture diverse gas analyzers: oxygen, SO2, CO2, NO, H2, methane, hydrogen sulfide, ozone, gas chromatography, continuous emission monitoring system, etc.

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