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Xi'an Dingyan Technology was present at the 2018 Xi'an International Environmental Protection Industry Expo

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On November 16, three days of national environmental protection industry in xian expo was held in xi 'an international exhibition center, the exposition total exhibition area of 20000 square meters, invited exhibitors attending Korea, Cambodia and other countries, brought together more than hundred top exhibitors at home and abroad, focusing on the latest and most environmental protection new technology and new products, environmental engineering, environmental protection equipment, industrial air pollution, indoor air management, site remediation, solid waste treatment, environmental monitoring, etc., director of shaanxi province ecology environment agency zhen-dong feng said in his speech, the environmental protection industry is one of the important pillars, drive the new economic growth pointIt is an industry that truly achieves the combination of economic, social and environmental effects.With the requirements of green development and the continuous deepening of pollution prevention and control, the development of environmental protection industry will usher in broader development.


Xi 'an Dingyan Technology, as the backbone of shaanxi province's environmental protection industry, also participated in the expo. During the exhibition, our company showed the achievements of ding yan in the field of environmental protection to people from all walks of life. At the same time, the environmental protection products of Dingyan include gas continuous online monitoring system, ammonia escape monitoring instrument, working condition monitoring instrument, VOCs monitoring equipment and so on.

Xi 'an international environmental protection industry expo has been successfully held three sessions, has developed into the largest, most influential and most professional environmental protection industry event in the central and western regions.


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