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1.Desulfurization and denitrification technologist, salary negotiable

Job Responsibilities:
1.To be responsible for the judgement and approval of new projects, and guidance, judgement and approval of technical proposals
2.In charge of drawing design, guidance, judgement and approval;
3.To be responsible for technical feasibility analysis of new projects.
4. To form desulfurization and denitrification design team

2. Desulfurization and denitrification quotation specialist, salary negotiable

Job Responsibilities:
1. To be familiarized with engineering project budget ration, project cost specifications and construction operation specifications;
2. To be skillful using budget software and office software;
3. To be able to independently complete bidding documents, budget statements and final statements;

Job Responsibilities:
1. To be in charge of effective control of project costs, progress and quality through supervision of the company's environmental protection projects;
2. To be responsible for checking, rectifying and improving the project results;
3. To be responsible for communication and coordination between the engineering unit, the owner and supplier;
4. To be responsible for data recording and compilation of the entire engineering process.
4.Desulfurization and denitrification sales salary negotiable

Job Responsibilities:
(1)More than three years of environmental protection sales experience of desulfurization and denitration, more than two years of sales management experience, can sign independently;
(2)Proficient in the details of sales management, good communication, clear thinking, strong executive ability;
(3)Bear hardships and stand hard work, be able to adapt to frequent business trip;
(4)Individuals with outstanding performance can relax their conditions appropriately;

5.Customer service engineer salary negotiable

Job Responsibilities:
1.Responsible for the installation, commissioning and technical support of the company's products
2.The technical support and service of on line analysis system; analysis, induction, solution and feedback debugging problems;
3.Keep good relationship with customers, provide technical support and training for customers, understand technical requirements of customers, and timely and accurately feedback customer information;
4.Finish the task on time, write the work report, report the work in time;
5.Undertake temporary assignments;

6.Training specialist salary negotiable

Job Responsibilities:
1、Arrange and coordinate training personnel and site use time, send training materials;
2、Assist in the training process, make good training records and collect feedback from the trainees' opinions;
3、Sorting out training materials, filing and statistical data, maintaining and updating the training file system;
4、Have the relevant work experience of enterprise propaganda design, can make VCR independently

Electrical installation and Commissioning Engineer (10) treatment 3000-5000

Job Responsibilities:
1.Cooperate with deputy production manager and production team leader to arrange production task on the same day;
2.Complete the production and installation, production debugging, product inspection, product warehousing, data delivery and other work;
3.Accomplish other tasks assigned by the leader;
Job requirements:
1.Have a strong sense of responsibility
2.Moral character, self-cultivation and correct personality
3.Able to work overtime properly
4.With strong communication skills, understanding, hands-on ability
5.Working years: more than 2 years, more than 1 years of undergraduate work

Business Manager (1) 8000-10000
Job Responsibilities:
1.Development and maintenance of international market for foreign trade. It includes overseas visits, conferences and exhibitions, as well as the reception, talks and other matters when foreign customers visit.
2.Complete the daily import and export business, including the development of online customers, daily inquiry processing, orders, documents, and so on
3.Good English reading, reading and writing ability
Job requirements:
1、A certain executive force and resistance to pressure, generous personality cheerful;
2、Major in English, international economics and trade is preferred
3、Good command of written English, more than 4 degree in English, familiar with foreign trade correspondence, fluent oral English; familiar with foreign trade business process; skilled use of business office software;
4、Have strong network sales ability, can independently complete the whole sales process of the product;
5、Team spirit and service consciousness, strong learning ability, emergency response ability, interest and passion for electronic commerce foreign trade, can bear the performance and work pressure.

Embedded Engineer (2) treatment interview
Job Responsibilities:
1、More than 3 years of work experience in electronic information, automation, automatic control, communication and other related majors;
2、Proficient in using C and C++ language;
3、At least familiar with a ARM chip, familiar with LPC1788 priority;
4、Familiar with LWIP, GUI and other transplantation;
6、There is a deeper understanding of the robustness and reliability of software;
7、Familiar with basic test methods;
Work content: assume part of embedded architecture design, embedded software design

Sensing gas research and Development Engineer (2) treatment interview
Responsibility requirement:
1、Sensor professional or related professional, familiar with the design and manufacture of sensors;
2、Can complete the sensor mathematical analysis, modeling, simulation;
3、Familiar with sensor manufacturing process;
4、One or more priority of gas sensors, such as thermal conductivity, ultraviolet, infrared, laser, etc.;
5、Bachelor degree or above, more than three years work experience.Add:No.22, Zaozitai Road, New Industrial Park, High-tech Zone, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province
Tel:029-86695085/13572531248(Ms. Li)
Bus line:204,220,726,411 Zaozitai Road