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A Brief Introduction of Dingyan Tec. Laboratory

Dingyan Tec. Laboratory has been committed to research and development of the core technology. Xi'an Dingyan Gas Analysis Laboratory was established in October 2009, and after years of development it began to take shape. In 2014, supported by Shaanxi Development and Reform Commission, Xi'an Science Technology Bureau and Xi'an Development and Reform Commission, the company established "Shaanxi Gas Analysis Instrument Engineering Research Center", "Xi'an Gas Analysis Instrument Engineering Technology Research Center", "Xi'an Gas Optical Inspection Engineering Laboratory", and Provincial Key Laboratory of Electrochemical Analysis.

The main apparatus of gas analysis engineering laboratory includes wind tunnels, fume hoods, high and low temperature test chambers, dispensers, auxiliary boxes, high performance signal sources, and over one thousand analytical balances which are mainly used for research and development, testing of samples’ performance and reliability and other experiments.

Since its establishment, Dingyan Laboratory has undertaken more than 10 National Key Technology R&D Program projects and more than 20 Provincial Key Technology R&D Program projects, and published more than 100 papers among which more than 30 were included in three main retrieval systems.